Dufour marzanoBook Authors: Richard DuFour and Robert Marzano (2011)

"Effective leaders can't accomplish things alone," say Richard DuFour and Robert J. Marzano say in their book Leaders of Learning discuss collective PLCs with the mindset that "effective leaders can't accomplish things alone." Every educator is a leader, authors say, whether they are teachers leading classrooms, principals leading buildings or superintendents leading districts.

The book is filled with realistic concerns from the field, followed by authors' advice and tips that are readily applicable to practice. The book excels at addressing ideas to combat building-level concerns—such as teacher isolation—to district-level ideas—such as Common Core State Standards implementation.

Readers will find detailed analyses of issues at building and district levels helpful. Regarding teacher isolation, authors discuss why some teachers prefer to be left alone instead of working collectively, and provide ways for all teachers to be leaders, coaching and modeling one another. Regarding Common Core State Standards, authors again suggest ways for everyone to act as a leader; they ask superintendents to come up with curricula at district level so principals can present them to teachers, who will be able to focus on writing lesson plans (Chapter 5).

Leaders of Learning gives insights on how to create collective PLCs through capacity building in all educators. Another book for readers interested in learning more about PLCs is Richard Dufour and Michael Fullan's Cultures Built to Last, which teaches how to facilitate cultural changes through systemic PLCs.

DuFour, Richard and Michael Fullan (2011). Leaders of learning. Solution Tree: Bloomington, IN.

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