Sharratt fullanBook Author: Lynn Sharratt and Michael Fullan (2009)

"There is no quick fix" to school turnaround, Lyn Sharratt and Michael Fullan say in Realization. Based on their research on a multicultural district in Ontario, Canada, Sharratt and Fullan developed the district's reform framework. The framework contains 14 parameters and reflects the premise that all students can learn. The 14-parameter framework creates a successful professional and student learning environment, where scaffolded learning supports practice and improvement moves from modeled to shared to guided to interdependent.

The goal of the book is to educate readers on building systemic capacity that is "broad (in every school) and deep (in every classroom)" in their school improvement process. Readers will explore capacity building in terms of commitment to a shared vision, focused assessment and instructional practices, strategic leadership, and parental and community involvement. In the end, readers will learn how capacity building of district and school leaders through the 14 parameters, accompanied with sub-strategic implementation of a goal, will result in school improvement, or what the authors call "realization."


Sharratt, L and Fullan, M. (2009). Realization: The change imperative for deepening district-wide reform. Corwin Press. Thousand Oaks, CA.

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