The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) defines Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) as an integrated, multi-tiered system of instruction, assessment, and intervention designed to meet the achievement and behavioral health needs of ALL learners. In short, a MTSS framework is designed to ensure that each and every student that walks into a classroom will have their individual needs met through high-quality instruction. In addition, the integration of a MTSS framework within the Michigan Continuous School Improvement Process is an essential component for improving academic achievement for all learners. The MDE is striving to improve achievement for all learners through the strategic support of Michigan districts and schools.

Traditional plans for school improvement are often written and implemented in silos. While the plans may be well-written and solid in their own right, the lack of collaboration and common planning frequently results in each plan competing for the resources within that system. This approach divides resources, which can negatively impact efforts to improve student achievement. Experience has demonstrated that in order to increase achievement, successful systems plan their improvement efforts collaboratively.

Developing one common plan for improvement streamlines the school and district’s efforts and resources, and maximizes improvement for all learners. The Michigan Continuous School Improvement process serves as a comprehensive process to organize the work through data analysis, goal setting, planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating. By strategically embedding an MTSS framework into the district and school improvement plan, a school system sets itself up for continuity and alignment in the implementation of a research- based system of MTSS. When working together, the Michigan Continuous School Improvement process and the MTSS framework enhance and strengthen each other, for the benefit of all learners.


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