According to Laura Pappano (2010), turnaround is a rapid and dramatic improvement in student achievement, as well as in the culture, attitude, and student aspirations beyond traditional, incremental school improvement. Schools that need a turnaround approach have very low student achievement levels and may suffer from a multitude of complex issues around student poverty, poor facilities, teacher abilities and attitudes, school-district relationships, and many others.

Decades of educational research and MSU's extensive experience working with underperforming schools has led us to the realization that turnaround requires deep capacity in organizational and instructional leadership. Indeed, it is the linchpin to all other aspects of rapid turnaround. The articles and videos in this category explore the complexity of school turnaround as well as the steps involved in the process, and how to build school and district capacity to make deep changes that lead to dramatic improvements in culture, instruction and, ultimately, student achievement.

Grant Chandler, former Director of Professional Development for MSU MI Excel, explains Phase 1 of the Collaborative Learning Cycle.

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